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Habibi Baba Boom

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Press release about the start of shooting in October 2022 Blickpunkt:Film.

comedy drama series, 8x35 minutes, 2024

disney+, Bantry Bay Productions 


Created by Omar El-Saeidi & Sasha Vredenburg

Written by . Omar El-Saeidi & Sascha Vredenburg, Patrick Brunken, Kirsten Loose, Linda Brieda, Christian Neu

Directed by . Sascha Vredenburg, Süheyla Schwenk

Produced by . Carmen Stozek

Director of Photography . Katharina Diessner, Christian Almesberger

Production Design . Cedric Kraus

Costume Design . Ramona Klinikowski, Elena Wegner

Editing by . Katja Beck, Dennis Lutz, Manuel Reidinger

Music by . Steffen Brinkmann & Hayat Selim


Sami . Omar El-Saeidi

Isa . Tokesa Konxheli

Jette . Jytte-Merle Böhrnsen

Latif . Husam Chadat

Nabi . Mohamed Achour

Hagen . Michael Wittenborn

Suma . Meltem Kaptan

Ali . Kaan Ertem

Vincent . Nick Julius Schuck

Aylin . Gamze Senol 

Tolga . Sahin Eryilmaz

Moritz . Vincent Redetzki

Goddy . Elvis Clausen

Massoud . Georg Paluza

Tyson . Giuseppe Bonvissuto

Dr. Siddig . David Ali Hamade


the lost emperor

the idea very briefly

When a celebrated photographer is trapped in his home in a snow storm, he must overcome his self-centered self to save his wife's life.


and a little longer

Iceland, lonely winter. Before the diabetic photographer Linus Vanhöfen loses his sight, he would like to erect a monument: his own biography. But since the first encounter with the young ghostwriter Jonas, Linus' whims have stood in the way of a peaceful collaboration that not even his wife Trudi can save the situation. Especially not when an approaching storm separates them and buries them alive under snow. A fight against nature and for love begins ...


30 min, 2020


Film Academy Baden-Württemberg, SWR,

handwritten pictures



Linus. Frederick Venus

Trudi. Michaela Rosen

Jonas. Vincent Redetzki

Ari. Valdimar Örn Flygenring



Written & directed . Sascha Vredenburg

Script Consultant. Elena Preine

Production. Eric Sonnenburg, Sebastian Johannsen

Co-production. Eric Bouley, Christopher Sassenrath

Editorial staff . SWR, Joachim Lang, Elisabeth Serr, Katharina Kontny

Director of Photography. Markus Gebhart

Production design. Mona Cathleen Otterbach

Costume design. Gudrun Schretzmeier

Editing . Dennis Lutz

Sound design. Johannes Schelle

Music. Steffen Brinkmann

Mixing. Dominik Avenwedde

VFX penguin. Cine Chromatix Berlin

Animation. Jessica Tegethoff, Manoyla Külköylü, Vanessa Schneider

Color grading. colors made in germany


Der verlorene Kaiser Poster


the idea very briefly

Berlin in the year 2035: Environmentally destructive economic powers suppress and monitor Europe. The security agent Carla infiltrates an environmental terrorist cell to find her sister. Carla's worldview is turned upside down.


Series testimonial, sci-fi, thriller


15 min, 2018


Film Academy Baden-Württemberg



Carla. Gina Haller

Marian. Sabin Tambrea

Jonathan. Vincent Redetzki

Julius. Frederick Venus

Erika. Ulrike Huebschmann

Jamil. Omar El-Saeidi



Screenplay. Lion H. Lau

Director. Sascha Vredenburg

Production. Jan-Hendrik Holst, Nelson Happ, Karl Heidelbach

Director of Photography. Martin L. Ludwig

Production design. Nadja Gotze

Costume design. Anneke Goertz

Editing . Elena Schmidt

Sound design. Robin Harff

Music. Steffen Brinkmann

VFX. Denis Krez, Josephine Ross, Milena Mayer, Timo Kreitz



filling the shoes

the idea a little longer

Germany in the post-war period. 11-year-old Paul is still longingly waiting for his father to return. His mother, on the other hand, has given up hope and wants to build a new family with Sam, an African-American occupation soldier. That goes too far for Paul, who grew up in Nazi Germany. Can Paul accept the former enemy as the new father in his life?


8 min, 2015


Film Academy Baden-Württemberg, La Fémis, SWR, ARTE



Paul. Rome Riedinger

Eve. Julischka Eichel

Sam. Kassidy Chaplin

Eli. Manuela Klemm Pedreira


Screenplay. Sarah Bergmann

Director. Sascha Vredenburg

Production. Amos Geva, Stephen Maier

Director of Photography. Christine Niemann

Production design. Mona Cathleen Otterbach

Costume design. Gudrun Schretzmeier

Editing . Dennis Lutz

Sound design. Marc Eyrich

Music. Tobias Burkhardt

Mixing. Dominik Avenwedde

Color grading. colors made in germany

the late bird

the idea semi short

After 50 years of marriage, Thea's life has become intolerable. But one day when she accidentally shoots a fallen astronaut on a hunting trip, the door to an unknown world opens for her. Ready to leave her everyday life behind, she throws herself into adventure. If it weren't for her down-to-earth husband Kurt, who is only too happy to keep his wife on a short leash ...


19 min, 2013


Film Academy Baden-Württemberg, SWR


well awarded

Best Film , Prince of Prestige Academy Awards (US)

Best Director , Vaughan Film Festival (CA)

Best Actress , Vaughan Film Festival (CA)

Best Cinematography , Vaughan Film Festival (CA)

Best Actress , Short Film Awards New York (US)

Best Comedy , 8th WAMM Int. Film Festival (US)

Best in Show , ALL 4 LOVE Film Festival (US)

Best Comedy , Beeston Film Festival (GB)

Best in Festival , Beeston Film Festival (GB)

Best Short , Studio 35 Cinema Comedy Film Festival (US)

Audience Award , 21st Open Eyes Marburg (DE)

Best Short , Independent Days 15 (DE)

Best Short - Special program, 7. Filmzeit Kaufbeuren (DE)


nominated for Producers Award at the

Sehsüchte - 44th International Student Film Festival (DE)



Thea . Heath Simon

Kurt . Manfred Boell

Toni . Christoph Pütthoff

Klingele . Ralph Hönicke



Screenplay. Elena Preine, Sascha Vredenburg, Marc Vogel

Director . Sascha Vredenburg

Production . Simon Riedl, Felix Ruple

Director of Photography. Markus Gebhart

Production design . Pauline Reinhardt

Costume design . Kristina Vohrer

Editing . Dennis Lutz

Sound design . Eric Guhring

Music . Balz Aliesch

VFX . Philipp Mekus, Alexandra Stautmeister



holy shit

the idea without any blasphemy

Hendrik lives between two worlds. On the one hand he is very religious and an obedient Christian, on the other hand he is quite in love with Marlene - a young woman who does not believe in God. When Jesus himself interferes, the lovers' problems seem solved.

But instead of organizing his life, the Son of God drives Hendrik further into chaos and a painful crisis of faith. And peace be upon him ...


18 min, 2012


Film Academy Baden-Württemberg



Hendrik . Christoph Pütthoff

Marlene . Henriette Blumenau

Jesus . Anton Weber



Screenplay. Sascha Vredenburg, Daniel Jacob

Director . Sascha Vredenburg

Production . Christian Schega

Director of Photography . Christine Niemann

Production design . Petra Liebmann, Stefan Najib

Costume design . Simone Frost

Editing . Dennis Lutz

Sound design & mixing . Dominik Avenwedde

Music . Balz Aliesch

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