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about me
Photo by Tim Ilskens

“You often surprised us with plays you thought up yourself and in which you directed your classmates.”                                         Excerpt from the certificate of class 2a, 1996

​​Everyone starts small. Born in 1987, my path took me over The Lion King and laterTitanic first into the visual arts. Why? Drawing like Jack Dawson seemed cheaper at the age of 12 than trying to produce a blockbuster. 


But at a festival I discovered that a film doesn't necessarily have to be a full-length movie. I finally bought a camera and shot my first short film when I was 16. Many projects followed that I regularly completed instead of doing my homework. My teacher put the gun to my chest: Do you want to make films or graduate from high school?

From 2010 to 2017 I studied directing at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, completed the “Hollywood Workshop” master class at the University of California Los Angeles and the “Comedy Series” master class of Network Movie in Berlin. 


Our 8-part comedy-drama series Habibi Baba Boom, which I created and co-wrote with actor Omar El-Saeidi and also directed (next to Süheyla Schwenk) will be released on Disney+ in 2024. 


But because we rarely have time for rehearsals on a filmset, I also work as a freelance video director for theater, opera and musicals.

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